About the Syracuse Chamber Commerce

The Syracuse Chamber has been organized as a domestic nonprofit corporation of the State of Utah under IRS code 501c[6] and is a league of local business owners. The organization meets monthly. We meet the third Tuesday of the month. We gather at the Glen Eagle Golf Course Clubhouse at 12:00 PM. We offer a catered meal for $10 at the door. We hold each session to one hour. Each business represented by the Chamber is allowed the same representative vote regardless of the size of the business. This means that the smallest home occupation business has equal voice with big box retailers.

The goals of the Syracuse Chamber are:

  • To encourage the residents of Syracuse in their patronage of local businesses;
  • To organize the business community in efforts to preserve and enrich a sense of community and tradition in Syracuse;
  • To develop a united voice among business men and women in meaningful dialog with local
    government leadership that will encourage economic development.

One benefit of membership in the Chamber is greater involvement within this Syracuse Chamber website.  Joining at the $50.00 yearly dues will allow your business website to be linked from the Chamber website. Joining at the $100.00 level will allow your logo to be displayed, a short bio about you and your business to be presented, and a Google Maps link directing the public to your place of business.

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Syracuse Chamber of Commerce Committees

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Tammie Brooke
Equity Real Estate

The Syracuse Chamber of Commerce Membership Committee is here to assist in recruiting and renewing memberships as well as to offer excellent support resources to the Chamber. As a committee we make contact with new business, provide an introductory Chamber brochure to the business as well as implement the Ribbon Cutting for the new business. I can’t think of a better way to be involved in our community and be a part of Syracuse’s success, than to be on the Membership Committee!

Brent Jones
RC Willey

Our vision is to find ways to promote business in the Syracuse community. We will be involved in ribbon cutting ceremonies for new businesses, planning events in the community that will not only spotlight existing businesses, but will entice other companies to bring their business to Syracuse. We will also schedule monthly Chamber speakers for our general meetings. The chamber is excited about the future of our community. There is much to do, so we invite you to get involved and help promote and support our local business community.

Judy Barrett
AccuColor Digital Printing

One of the Marketing Committee assignments is to inform businesses and residents of upcoming Chamber meetings and special events through various media including website, social media, email, print, etc. We are currently reworking our website and recently have produced a group FaceBook page as well as a monthly electronic newsletter that will focus on Syracuse businesses and events. We hope this may help foster a greater sense of community and help to grow the Chamber. We are excited to have your input on our projects as well as your help! If you have great ideas, special interest and/or skills in the marketing area, please feel free to volunteer to be on our committee!

Mike Gailey
Syracuse Family Dental Clinic

I was thrilled a few years back when Syracuse City called for the business community to rise up. The Syracuse Chamber is the result. Now, a member of the City Council, I recognize how vital a role the voice of the business community is in planning and preserving the quality of life we all enjoy. Elected City officers and staff attend every Chamber meeting listening to that voice. Whether you represent a large brick and mortar
business, or you’re an entrepreneur from the corner of your own living room, or if you just want to be a part of the economic development that is Syracuse City, please lend us your voice and expertise. Please join the Syracuse City Chamber of Commerce. We need you. You might be surprised how we can help, too!