The Syracuse Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with Syracuse City is sponsoring a new activity for our Elementary school-aged children this summer. It is called ‘Play Unplugged’. We will introduce this program through the schools in late May but we wanted to make you aware of it now. Your children will each get a lanyard (donated by our local Wal-Mart) at the school assembly with the possibility of earning badges to put on their lanyard all summer long (until Labor Day).

Syracuse businesses are sponsoring badges for various activities your children can do this summer such as playing soccer, making crafts, taking photos, swimming, going hiking, even making mud pies! (to name a few)… When the children have completed their activity, they will then go to whichever business has sponsored that particular activity badge to pick it up and put onto their lanyard (some proof of completion may be required such as a picture with a date). They can earn as many badges as they would like. Each activity has a point value assigned to it and accruing those points can be a competition in itself! There is no cost to the children, and it gives them something to do this summer that is fun and different than playing video games every day. Be looking for more details of this activity program in May. If you own a business in Syracuse and would like to sponsor a badge, please contact Andrew Sherman 801-814-5341 for more information or log onto to sign up for the Syracuse event.

Please note there is a cost for the businesses to purchase the badges they will be giving out. If your business signs up before April 1st for Play Unplugged, the Chamber will offer you a year’s Chamber membership at half price! We look forward to a fun-filled summer, hoping to see those lanyards bulging with badges the children have earned!